The PPC Common Mistakes That Must Be Avoided

ppc common mistakesPPC, which stands for Pay per Click, is widely known in the field of marketing and advertising since it is one of the effective ways on how to drive traffic to a particular website. Through implementing well placed and keyword based PPC ads, any marketer can quickly increase revenues and produce more leads in short time. However, as you manage some PPC campaigns, you tend to make PPC common mistakes, which largely affect its ability to provide benefits to your site.

In relation to this, you must be aware of such mistakes for you to avoid committing it repeatedly. Here are the common mistakes on pay per click advertising that must be avoided when implementing campaign:

You are Not Setting Up “Exact Tracking”

It is important that you track visitors individually on your pay per click campaigns. This includes their campaign or ad group used and exact keyword used. The best way to do this is to integrate your PPC campaign with your own website marketing or analytic software.

You are not Using Geo-targeting

Several major search engines such as Google enable you to geo-target your ads. People opt to use a local provider. So, you need to ensure that you are placing the city or state and then place an ad for each one. Once your audience is able to recognize his/her location, expect for higher click-through rate (CTR).

You are Not Optimizing for Quality Score

If you are one of the marketers who ignore quality score, then you are probably missing out something. It is because quality score can directly affect your cost per click (CPC). Once you have lower CPC, it only implies that lower amount of money that was spent for every conversion. That is why to optimize for quality score can possibly help you to save money per click as well as the overall costs for each conversion.

You are Not Using Keywords in Ad Copy

Most marketers are surely aware of the essential role of keywords in a particular Ad Copy. However, some still make this mistake, especially when using pay per click services. You need to ensure that you have utilized keyword that you researched to your ad copy. For best results, integrate it strategically for it will help in making your site relevant.

You do Not Maximize Landing Page Experience

Remember that each visitor must have simple as well as gratifying experience whenever he/she clicks on your ad. So, if you have more than one page, each must have its own landing page.

You are Not Using Negative Keywords or Long-Tail Search Phrases

Using negative keywords enable you to filter out the traffic that does not actually meet the ideal audience. Usually, the long-tailed keywords do not bring it much traffic, however, the traffic brought in will be beneficial as such specific phrases and keywords will be used.

You Ignore Mobile Website Traffic

Most mobile user use to convert since they look for immediate solutions to a particular problem but since, it is more costly and complicated to set up certain AdWords ads for mobile devices, some advertises tend to ignore it. However, through the “Enhanced Campaigns,” you can now set up AdWords ads for Desktop and Mobile Devices easily.

You have Not Fully Understand the Meaning of Ad Matching

Ad matching usually allows the search engines to known and understands how restrictive or aggressive you want to be once you match advertisements to particular key phrases or keywords. If you do not set up this feature properly, it will cost you a lot and will even cost you to waste a lot of time. This is because traffic will not match ideally with your target audience.

You are Only Directing Visitors to Your Homepage

Most businesses tend to rout all advertisements to their homepage or even one landing page for all ads. Whenever someone clicks on a particular advertisement, he/she searches for the certain information in no time. That is why you need to make sure to direct each advertisement to a specific and unique landing page.

You do Not Test Your Advertisements

If new addition or feature to your pay per click sites needs to be tested, so as it is important to test your advertisements. In fact, various ways can be done in order to test your ads. You can do some A/B testing in order to figure out randomly which ad works and which are not.

See how much you will be missing out once you keep on making mistakes on using pay per click services. As much as possible, you need to maximize what benefits this effective advertising or marketing strategy provides.